About T&D Safety Consulting

With over 50 years combined experience in the safety workforce, Jenn Miller and Ian Neff have helped companies and thousands of their employees reach new levels of safety performance with the implementation of successful safety programs.

T&D Safety understands that navigating the most hazardous working environments of construction, oil and gas, and electricity is both challenging and complex. They are committed to helping high-risk industries maintain optimal standards of safety to provide their employees with the opportunity to earn an honest and safe living.

Through proper assessments of current and previous safety performance, T&D develops a strategy for a safe working environment that aligns with the company's values and goals.

Working with all members of the safety management team, they build solid relationships to create both an understanding of and a commitment to onsite safety. Creating a team atmosphere fosters a belief that working together can create an incident-free work environment that protects both the company and the employees. Educating team members on the importance of performing daily tasks in a safety-minded atmosphere enhances both safety and business performance.

T&D expectations empower the team so each member upholds high standards to completely eliminate unsafe practices and conditions.